Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S View Cover, Pink


$ 149.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S View Cover, Pink

The S View Cover has a striking perforated finish. It’s designed to give your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 a luxurious new look that grabs your attention and it also feels great in your hand. Don’t miss those dramatic moments. With the S View Cover you can switch to camera mode with just one swipe. Playing music is also easy using the S View Cover, so listening is even more enjoyable. When it is closed, the S View Cover helps to protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from the knocks and scratches of daily life.
Product Features:
Flip Cover with smart, interactive window providing quick access to key phone features
Ability to respond to incoming calls and alarms without opening the cover
Swipe to preview Messages/Missed Calls
Swipe to access Quick Camera and Video Record
Swipe for access to Heart Rate Monitor, Flashlight, Favorite Contacts, Settings