3 x Anti Slip Pad Mobile Holder For All Mobiles ( BLACK )


$ 33.00
3 x Anti Slip Pad Mobile Holder For All Mobiles ( BLACK )

Includes3 x BLACK ANTI SLIP PADProduct DescriptionAnti slip pad, non slip
pad, sticky pad 
1. Anti slip pad keeps small items safe from falling off sloping dashboards
even in The wildest driving. 
2. Anti slip pad is good from cellphones, sunglasses, coins, pens, pocket
books, tissue Boxes, keys, etc. 
3. Anti slip pad is useful for cars, trucks, RVs, boats, yachts, and airplanes. 
4. Anti slip pad leaves no marks, non-toxic. 
5. PU material 
100% STICKY, leaves no marks 
Clings to any vertical, horizontal and slanted surface Holds and secures
objects in place when driving around curves, going over speed bumps, sudden
stops or even when doing offroad IDEAL for mobile phones, MP3 players, keys,
glasses, pens, GPS, tissue boxes EVERYTHING Use EVERYWHERE; Car, home, office,
boat, school, RV, camping If it gets dusty or less sticky, simply wash it with
water. It will become like new and 100% sticky. 
1)The anti slip pad is made of PU GEL 
2)Without glue or any prior preparation, when you need to move just peel it off
And without any track. 
3)It is ideal for place on dashboard of car, truck, yacht. To keep all your
Goods not moving (such as: Cellular phone, glasses, coin, key and Valuable
goods etc. ) When driving around curves, over speed bumps and sudden Stop. Also
suitable for office, home. 
4)Avoids use on paper and wet object 
5)Multi-function, non-slipping, non-toxic and reusable. Please use clean water
Wash up and dry off it Various sizes, colours.
Demo / How to use Video
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