LG QuickCircle Window Folio Case for LG G3, Black


$ 99.00
LG QuickCircle Window Folio Case for LG G3, Black

Slim, smart, and attractive, the LG Quick Circle Snap-On Folio Case protects your LG G3TM with distinctive, ultramodern flair. Expressive lighting effects encircle the window when you tap the screen, and the app widgets are designed to fit perfectly in the round space. Simply snap your phone into the case for a seamless fit. Perfect Unity With Your Phone Close the cover to display the clock widget while delicate lighting effects briefly accent the circular window.
To wake/sleep the display, double-tap inside the window. Make It Your Own It's easy to customize your Quick Circle window. Swipe the clock widget to reveal your array of app shortcuts. Enter settings to scroll through several unique clock themes you can choose from, including a weather widget.
To select which apps you'd like to have available, open the case and access the Quick Circle accessory in your phone settings. Instant Camera Access Never miss a photo op - even when your LG G3TM is safely tucked inside the case. Tap the camera icon to use the rear-facing camera. Tap the screen to take a picture. To take a series of photos (perfect for action shots) simply press and hold a Volume Key. Swipe to see the photo you just took.
Product Features:
Use your G3 whilst still protecting its screen. Customize the clock and 6 applications you want to use directly in the Circle Window when the cover is closed. Please note, this is not compatible with induction charging.