Samsung Note 3 Neo S View Cover - Black


$ 68.00
Samsung Note 3 Neo S View Cover - Black

• Protect your Galaxy Note 3 Neo and stay stylish on the go • Check and operate your Note 3 Neo with the cover closed • Match your background and cover colour automatically • Keep your device thin by simply replacing the battery coverSpecifications:- Colour: Black- Dimension (WxHxD): 78 x 150 x 12mm- Weight: 56.4gChoose a case that not only protects your Galaxy Note 3 Neo but offers
unrivalled interaction and convenience. The Classic White S View cover’s
window means you can check the time or missed calls when the cover is
closed, and even control the camera, music player and more. When you
open the S View cover, your device’s screen will come on automatically. 
Your Note 3 Neo will even automatically match its wallpaper with the colour
of the case. The cover also replaces your battery cover, minimising
added bulk. Better Protection and Greater Convenience
The S View Cover has a transparent window in the front of it, allowing
users to view information such as date, time, incoming call number,
missed calls, text messages, battery status, short cuts, access the
music player panel and even the camera without having to actually flip
the cover open. More Functions without opening the cover
The S View Window allows you to do more without opening the cover. It
offers smart user experience such as checking missed events, camera
control, action memo, music player etc..
Variety Wallpaper Changer for S-View windowAnother distinctive feature
of the cover is its ability to tell the phone its colour and to change
the background colour to complement it. The S View Cover automatically
turns your phone screen on and off when you open and close the cover. Custom Design
These cases have been specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3
smartphone. The back easily snaps on, replacing the phone’s standard
attery cover, without making the phone feel bulky.
Screen Protection
The Samsung S View Cover provides maximum protection, reducing smears
and scratches.