Sony Xperia E DUAL C1605 Black


$ 775.00
Sony Xperia E DUAL C1605 Black

The Sony Xperia E DUAL sets a paradigm with an incredible amount of technology involved in making an extremely sleek and light design phone. This phone sports a trendy look and is available in glistening black color. Packed with a 1 GHz MSM7227A processor, the phone is capable of delivering quick results even for the most complex tasks. The phone runs on the powerful Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. It sports a 3.5 Inch TFT display that offers a resolution of 320 x 480pixels with rich and vivid images. The phone offers optimum internet connectivity with its WiFi support. Equipped with 4GB of internal storage space, this phone offers ample space for users to store all their data.
Physical Features
Key Features
115.7 g
512 MB RAM
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
3.15 MP, 2048 x 1536 pixels
4 GB
1 GHz Cortex-A5
3.5 inches
Li-Ion 1530 mAh battery
Efficiently manage your data and battery usage
The Sony Xperia E DUAL features a data usage app that helps in effective management of your costs by keeping your phone bill free from unnecessary surprises. It has a highly efficient power management functionality that helps you to be on top of battery drain.
HD Voice
With the HD voice feature of Sony Xperia E DUAL, you can enjoy loud and clear conversations. You can now make calls from busy intersections and crowded places, thanks to it phone's noise cancelling feature. This feature easily filters out the background sound so that the person you are conversing to will be able to hear as clear as if you were sitting just next to him.
The Sony Xperia E DUAL features the "WALKMAN" app that is easy to use and allows you to enjoy great music. It lets you to create your own playlists so that you can enjoy your time listening to music, rather than trying to analyze how different features and functions work. You can use the xLoud loudness enhancement to crank up the volume so that you can get the perfect sound mix with the graphic equalizer.
Conveniently manage your calls with a dual SIM phone
The Sony Xperia E DUAL supports dual SIM cards which allows you to separate work from play and handle your calls in a cost effective manner. You can switch between the two SIM cards of the phone at any time of the day with just a simple touch. You can even make the change happen automatically by just presetting that SIM card you prefer to use at a certain time of the day.
Enjoy your favorite photos and videos anytime, anywhere with PlayMemories Online
The Sony Xperia E DUAL features a special service called as PlayMemories Online that allows you to gather all your images and videos in one place and then relive the memories wherever you are. Whether you're favorite pictures are on the Facebook, your computer, or your phone, this service enables you to carry every picture with you. And when you notice your perfect shot, you can directly upload videos and photos from your phone camera to PlayMemories Online. Then sit back and view you favorite shots on any device such as phone, tablet, computer, or BRAVIA TV.
Music Unlimited
With the "Music Unlimited" feature of the Sony Xperia E DUAL, you can enjoy listening to millions and millions of songs on demand. This service allows you to enjoy music offline, and that too without any aggravating advertisements. You can enjoy listening to dozens of preset channels and also sync them with your own music collection.