Samsung Galaxy S6 - 32GB, 4G LTE, White


$ 1,660.00
Samsung Galaxy S6 - 32GB, 4G LTE, White

Today, distance and location are not barriers to communication.
Smartphones help to overcome these barriers and are now considered an everyday tool. We can keep in contact, take and share photos, enjoy music and videos at any time and from any location.
The future seems to become the present when forecasted technology becomes reality. Smartphone technology is a prime example, advances in functionality have transformed handheld devices and enabled futuristic features. We continue to strive for further advances in technology and always seek to bring more of the future into the present.
Physical Features
Key Features
Android Lollipop OS
32GB Internal Memory
138 g
Rear 16MP, Front 5MP
2550 mAh
5.1 Inch
Perfect combination of metal and glass
New and strong aluminum frame adopted from aircraft, yacht, and mountain bike technology, Light reflective 2.5D Gorilla Glass 4
Dynamic reflective surface
New CMF solution adds depth to the back surface
Unique color expression on the back
Reflect light like a jewel producing profound colors
Refined finish
Smooth glass curves and precision cut metal
Perfect combination of metal and glass
Samsung Galaxy S6 integrates two contrasting materials. Glass to reflect light and exude sophistication and matte aluminum to add strength and sleekness to the design. Aluminum (Al 6013) is specified because it is 1.5 times stronger than any metal material in the smartphone market and is a proven structural element in aircraft, yacht, and mountain bike technology. The result is a unique design that retains the individual characteristics of the materials while simultaneously delivering a sense of tension and balance. Material selection was based on quality, performance, and style.
Dynamic reflective surface
When the glass on Samsung Galaxy S6 reflects light, it creates unique effects and depth definition. This vibrancy is created by new CMF solution applied to the back of the smartphone. The film is adapted from technology used in high-definition TV screens.
Refined finish
Specially thermoformed 2.5D Gorilla Glass 4 on the front and back provides smooth curves and enhances grip. Elaborately cut metal trim adds aesthetic refinement to the design and not just the physical strength and rigidity that comes with metal. The metal trim provides an enhanced and natural feeling grip as if it was customized for the hand. Metal trim is a successful element in the design heritage of the Samsung Galaxy series and it is adopted again for Samsung Galaxy S6.
Clearer & more vivid photos day or night and new quick launch capability
Brighter and more brilliant photos every time
Front and rear cameras with F1.9 lenses for twice the brightness in dark conditions, Crystal clear pictures in dark conditions with a 16 MP rear camera
Keep focusing on a moving subject
Tracking AF captures clear photos of a moving subject
Never miss a moment
Start the camera in only 0.7 seconds, Quickly launch the camera by tapping the Home button twice
Fast charging
Charging improvements are not only limited to convenience. Time is valuable and to maximize the available time, Samsung Galaxy S6 incorporates fast charging technology. Just 10 minutes of charging is enough to use 4 hours. To achieve a fully charged battery, Galaxy S6 requires only 80 minutes, 1.5 times faster than Samsung Galaxy S5.
World class performance and efficiency
Experience a new level of performance. Desktop-quality, 64-bit, octa-core processor with the world's first 14 nm FinFET semiconductor in the smartphone market. Technology packaged to deliver superior performance and improved power efficiency for enjoying desktop-quality performance on a phone.
Vivid and bright images in any light conditions
Enhanced outdoor visibility
High Brightness Mode (max. 600cd/m2) perfect for sunlight environment
Bright and vivid display
High pixel density (577ppi) for ultimate viewing