Samsung Galaxy E5 - 16GB, 3G+Wifi , Black


$ 825.00
Samsung Galaxy E5 - 16GB, 3G+Wifi , Black

The Samsung Galaxy E5 makes sure you get the best experience that a smartphone can give. This it does by using some of the most cutting edge technology in its design. You have yourself a phone that grabs attention not only with its amazingly crafted body, but also with its dazzling performance that packs a punch. It is powered by the advanced Quad Core processor that has a capacity of 1.2GHz and gives your phone a boost. Your applications open instantly, games load faster, and the overall running of your phone is so much speedier, thanks to this powerful processor. With great speeds come smooth interfaces that are brought to you by the Android v4.4.4 KitKat operating system. This operating system puts everything you love within proximity, so you don’t waste time searching. The phone gives you a blazing performance not expected from a slim phone with dimensions of 141.6 x 70.2 x 7.3mm. This phone looks killer in a sharp black color and with a lustrous 5inch display. This display is lighted up by the advanced Super AMOLED technology that improves the contrast ratio by a 100 percent and betters the color reproduction by up to 20 percent. Enjoy all your content at high resolutions of 720 x 1280 pixels. This makes it a joy to carry around and a pride to own.
Physical Features
Key Features
1.2 GHz Quad-core
1.5 GB RAM
16 GB
Up to 64 GB
Main Camera 8 MP Front Camera 5 MP
5.0 Inches
Bluetooth 4.0
Perfection in the Right Direction
The Samsung Galaxy E5 takes a step in the right direction with the amazing and highly effective Super AMOLED technology. This technology provides 100 percent better contrast and 20 percent better color reproduction. These improvements together give you results that will leave you breathless. You can watch a movie, play your favorite game, or even read a book, all in High Definition. This is a viewing experience unlike anything before. Watch the magic unfold on this 5inch capacitive touchscreen display that has a color depth of 16M and a pixel density of 294 pixels per inch.
Striking Selfies
The Samsung Galaxy E5 has a sleek body on which is fixed a powerful 5MP front camera. This front camera clicks incredibly clear and accurately detailed pictures. However, that’s not what’s got everybody talking. This camera doesn’t just enable you to chronicle those precious moments, but also lets you be a part of them. It makes shooting selfies more fun and effective. By using gesture and voice control, you can click selfies that are free of your arms. Click a picture simply by using a voice command or a palm gesture. Why just write history, when you can go down in it? This camera also features a 120 degree Selfie Mode for a wider range.
Inspiration is You
This splendid phone has a design that is inspired by you. It not only looks fabulous, but also feels great in your hand. Every inch of its ultra slim 7.2inch frame is meticulously thought out. It flaunts a unibody design and a body that is skillfully crafted and reflects refinement and high technology in its glossy brown body. This phone is an accessory to trump all accessories.