BlackBerry Z3 SmartPhone - 8GB, BlackBerry 10 , 3G + Wifi, Black


$ 495.00
BlackBerry Z3 SmartPhone - 8GB, BlackBerry 10 , 3G + Wifi, Black

The BlackBerry Z3 SmartPhone gives you performance, style, portability and productivity all in one compact little device. It has a magnificent design that fits easily in your palm and just as well as your pocket. It has a lean black body that is only 9.2mm thick and possesses a textured soft touch back that makes it more comfortable to grip. The 5inch display uses the best in technological advancement to give you high resolution outputs of 960 x 540 pixels, that means clear, bright and vividly colored images. It functions on the BlackBerry 10 operating system that aids in smoother multitasking. It has an 8GB internal storage for all those important pictures and memories, movies and games. It also features an amazing 5MP camera that is filled with some of the most awesome features to make your precious moments standout.
Physical Features
Key Features
164 g.
5 Inch Screen
Dual Core 1.2 GHz
1.5 GB RAM
2500 mAh Battery
8 GB Memory
5 MP Rear 1.1 MP Front
Connect Chat and Share
With the BlackBerry Z3 SmartPhone you get the famous BBM, which not only lets you stay in constant touch with your friends and family. Chat, share and connect with absolute ease. You can even add some color to you chat with exclusive BBM stickers. Everyone’s on BBM! So you can connect to communities with a common cause or theme or interest, famous personalities and brands you adore with the local BBM Channels. The best part is that with BBM Now in any app, you can receive BBM messages and reply to them without having to pull out of the current app or stop what you’re doing.
Faster Typing
Enjoy a great typing experience on glass with the BlackBerry Z3 SmartPhone that has an intuitive keyboard that learns how you write and adapts to how you type, so the process is much faster. Typing will now be much faster, accurate and take up less effort as your BlackBerry Keyboard goes that extra mile in understanding what you want to say and predicts words before you finish typing them.
Optimize the Use of Connection
You can grab a quick peek into BlackBerry Hub from any application with a mere swipe that lets you seamlessly flow in and out of your messages. Stay on the top of things and always be organized with just a quick pinch. Your BlackBerry Priority Hub will filter everything that is important to you, so you’re all set all the time.
Get the Best Shot Every Time
The Time Shift mode on your BlackBerry Z3 SmartPhone makes sure you get exactly what you want in your photo by enabling you to pinpoint and adjust elements of your picture, so that it is made to order. Document your life in the most beautiful and creative way with the BlackBerry Story Maker. This feature enables you to glue those perfect moments together, add your favorite tracks to them and throw in a few special effects. Add the magic to all your precious memories with just a few swipes.
Faster, Better Browsing
Browsing the Internet and surfing through all your favorite web pages just got easier and a whole lot faster with the BlackBerry Browser. This amazing browser on BlackBerry 10 has been completely reinvented to give you a better experience that makes Internet surfing faster, easier to read and also to share. Webpages load at faster rates, are perfectly formatted to your screen and look amazingly legible.
Do your thing While You Get Pinged
You can preview incoming BBM texts and emails while you're in another app on your phone. All you need to do is just touch them, and you will be taken directly to the message in BlackBerry Hub. However, you don’t need to leave off what you're doing halfway to reply to an urgent text when you can respond without leaving the app you're using. Multitasking just got easier. So keep having fun while you get a job done.
A Battery That Stays Up All Day
Your phone is embedded with a powerful battery that has a long battery life. This battery keeps your smartphone going all day long with optimized power consumption. You now have 15.5 hours of talk time and a whopping 16.2 days of standby.
Share your World with a Touch
The BlackBerry Z3 SmartPhone presents to you a faster more intuitive way to share your world with Smart Sharing. You can share pictures, links, files or documents easily. This feature gives up suggestions on prospective recipients and ways to share based on your past activity with just a touch of a button. Sharing is now a whole lot easier and definitely more fun.