Samsung Galaxy K Zoom SM-C115 - 8GB,20.7MP, 4G LTE, Blue


$ 2,799.00
Samsung Galaxy K Zoom SM-C115 - 8GB,20.7MP, 4G LTE, Blue

Samsung brings to you the Galaxy K Zoom SM C115 mobile phone. With a whopping 20.7MP CMOS camera, it captures all your special moments in stunning HD. These moments will be forever etched in your memory. The powerful camera features a 10x optical zoom, 20.7MP BSI CMOS sensor, Xenon flash, optical image stabilizer, Pro Suggest app, object tracking feature, camera mode, and more, which help snap up these professional looking images and videos without breaking a sweat. The mobile also features a high quality CMOS front facing camera that shoots some of the best looking “selfies” ever. All these components, as well as the phone’s other applications, are effortlessly powered by a 1.7GHz and 1.3GHz hexa core processor and a massive 2GB RAM. Android Kitkat OS v.4.4.2 that is installed on this device offers seamless access to the phone’s camera applications and the menu. Together, these components offer an optimal overall phone user experience like no other. Samsung Galaxy K Zoom SM C115 mobile phone brings high speed Internet at your fingertips via onboard WiFi and support for 4G LTE. Even though the phone is loaded with state of the art components, it does not compromise on looks. The ultra thin device sports a regal blue color that imparts it a sophisticated look.
Physical Features
Key Features
200 g.
4.8 Inch Screen
Quad core 1.3 GHz Dual core 1.7 GHz
20.7 Megapixel Rear 2 Megapixel Front
8 GB Memory
Bluetooth v4.0
Powerful Camera
The Galaxy K Zoom SM C115 incorporates a massive 20.7MP CMOS rear camera with 10x optical zoom. This colossal zoom is made possible on the phone by Samsung’s advanced retracting lens technology. You can pinch to zoom in and out or use one touch quick zoom to focus on objects away from the camera.
Xenon Flash
The Galaxy K Zoom SM C115 comes fitted with a special Xenon Flash that is brighter and more powerful than conventional LEDs. The flash also renders more natural tones for true to life images.
Captures Full HD videos
The Galaxy K Zoom SM C115 not only clicks eye popping photographs, it even records Full HD 1080/60p videos with enhanced detail and smooth, natural motion. These stunningly precise and clear videos help you relive all your memories, making them appear as if they happened recently.
Pro Suggest for Pro Results
The Galaxy K Zoom SM C115 comes with Pro Suggest Market app that uses advanced algorithms to analyze your surroundings. The app detects aspects of your scene and suggests 5 optimized settings for those picture perfect photos.
Control Over Light
The Galaxy K Zoom SM C115 separates AF and AE, enabling you to control the light in tricky backlit scenes. The camera’s focus can be set with a mere touch, while another touch sets the exposure. These features let you capture any shot with the precise light and clarity balance.
Object Tracking
The Galaxy K Zoom SM C115’s object tracking feature captures your subjects even when they are moving. You can activate the feature with a simple touch of your subject on the screen, and the AF follows it by itself.
Inspiring Design
The Galaxy K Zoom SM C115 sports a neo classic design. It has a slim 20.2mm body made possible by the retracting lens. Its design is inspired from the rounded pebble curves. A rounded back, perforated pattern and a uber comfortable grip make this phone a joy to behold.
Camera Studio 2.0
The Galaxy K Zoom SM C115 is the ultimate hub for your photo apps. Its Camera Studio 2.0 app provides everything need to edit, review, and share photos. You can even edit using S Studio, download films from Pro Suggest Market, or add your own apps.
Revolutionary Processor
The Galaxy K Zoom SM C115 incorporates a highly efficient Exynos 5 Hexa processor that powers all the complex processes of this phone with utmost ease.
Instant Camera Mode
The Galaxy K Zoom SM C115 also comes with an Instant Camera Mode that provides the fastest way to capture all your special moments in a matter of seconds. This feature lets you go to camera mode from locked screen in about 0.3 seconds.