LG G2 Mini D618 Dual SIM - 8GB, 3G + Wifi, Black


$ 1,888.00
LG G2 Mini D618 Dual SIM - 8GB, 3G + Wifi, Black

The LG G2 Mini D618 Dual SIM is packed with everything you need and more. It functions on a powerful MSM8226 Qualcomm Quad Core processor with a capacity of 1.2GHz that gives you powerful performance. It is sleek and slim with dimensions of 129.6 x 66.0 x 9.9mm and weight of 121g. Available in an elegant black color, this phone has a polished 4.7inch qHD IPS LCD display. This display offers you high resolutions of 960 x 540 pixels so you can enjoy all your regular activities. The Android 4.4 KitKat operating system is what really gets your smartphone functioning seamlessly.
Physical Features
Key Features
4.7 inch IPS LCD 960x540
1.2GHz Qualcomm Quad-Core
main camera 8.0 MP front camera 1.3 MP
Dual Sim
Android 4.4
Knock Knock!
Oh, it’s you! Come on in! That’s what this amazing smartphone does when you knock. All you have to do is tap in a customized knock pattern on your display, and your phone gives you instant and secure access to your home screen. The customized pattern should be anywhere between 2 to 8 points anywhere on the display. This is security for all your important and private data. And just like knocking, you’ll need just one hand!
When They Said it Just Couldn’t Get Easier, It Did!
The LG G2 Mini D618 Dual SIM has a Rear key positioned right below the camera that needs only a finger to control. Navigate your phone with nothing but a finger.
Plug In Perception
The highly intuitive LG G2 Mini D618 Dual SIM knows what you want when you plug in your headphones and offers it up on a platter. Everything from your favorite music to videos or any such audio related apps will be served up hot! Take your pick and have fun.
The Power Is Yours!
This delicate looking slim smartphone looks very misleading when you first lay eyes on it. But keep the judgment until after you’ve had a go on this little genius. It is equipped with the MSM8226 Qualcomm Quad Core processor. This processor has a capacity of 1.2GHz and gives your smartphone lightning fast speeds that will bowl you over. Your apps will open faster; your games will load up in a jiffy and Internet streaming, well let's just say the stream will turn to tidal waves. Multitasking also gets a lot easier with this processor working behind the scenes. And the awesomeness doesn’t stop there; this processor works efficiently with the 2440mAh battery that keeps your phone running and in pace with your daily activities.
Memories Clear Cut
The LG G2 Mini D618 Dual SIM features an 8MP camera that is positioned on the rear, which gives you pictures that are clear, crisp and absolutely beautiful. This is exactly what you need to capture all those brilliant moments. Look back at them, and you will bless the day you decided to get this amazing smartphone.
Lucky Number 9
Capture razor sharp and extremely clear pictures even though the world around you just won’t stop moving long enough to let you get it a blur free shot. The camera on this phone lets you hone in on 9 separate focal points. Say goodbye to those horrible out of focus shots.
Bezel No More
This smartphone gets rid of the classic bezel design, giving you a display that is clear and flawless. Enjoy all your favorite games and movies on this brilliant screen that is huge, 4.7inch! It has a QHD IPS panel that makes sure you get crystal clear and bright images across wider viewing angles.
Be My Guest
The Guest Mode on this phone lets you breathe easy when lending your phone to a friend or family member. This mode personalizes the experience for two separate users so all your private files and data will remain private. All you have to do is punch in a predetermined unlock pattern and breathe."