LG G3 D855 - 32GB, 4G LTE, Metallic Black


$ 1,229.00
LG G3 D855 - 32GB, 4G LTE, Metallic Black

Looking for a phone that looks great, works great and has a great camera? Then the LG G3 D855 is the phone for you. This smartphone has a simply magnificent Rear Key and Floating Arc Design that makes for a slender and thin edged masterpiece. It has a bezel design that appears nonexistent and is close to zero, blending seamlessly with the huge sleek 5.5inch display. This display is backed by the cutting edge Quad HD technology and supports 538ppi that makes for some amazing visual experiences. It offers a high resolution of 2560 x 1440p that makes it perfect for watching movies, videos, and playing games. The LG G3 D855 is equipped with a 13MP camera at the back. This camera produces brilliant pictures that are sharp and accurate and are good enough to fill the pages of an art book. The phone possesses a 3GB RAM and expandable memory of up to 128GB. This means you can download and store all those favourite tracks and latest movies, fill your photo gallery with all those precious moments and stash up on those exciting games! Look sharp with the LG G3 D855, available in a smart and classy looking metallic black color.
Physical Features
Key Features
149 g.
5.5 Inch Screen
2.46 GHz Quad Core
13 Megapixel Rear 2.1 Megapixel Front
Bluetooth 4.0
5.5 inch Quad HD Display
It has a slim and sleek metallic body with an elegant design. This smartphone is lightweight, extremely portable, and as easy on the eyes as it is on the palm. It has a refined Rear Key and Floating Arc Design that makes the sides thinner. Apart form its incredibly awesome design, the LG G3 D855 also sports a brilliant Quad HD display. This display supports 538ppi that is a quality so superior that it is similar to the ones used in the printing of high quality gallery art books. This means that all your pictures, videos, movies can be viewed in more detail and vivid, lively colors. The screen gives a high resolution of 2560 x 1440p for sharp and accurate detail. The splendid screen is surrounded by a narrow bezel design. This bezel is close to zero edge to edge of the 5.5inch screen. Experience the exquisite picture quality and breathtaking visuals with this Quad HD display in the palm of your hand.
Advanced OIS Plus Camera
The 13MP camera on the LG G3 D855 gives you the best pictures that are made lively with a splash of bright colors, razor sharp details and crystal clarity. It is backed by the advanced Optical Image Stabilization technology that reduces the blur in shaky pictures, so those exciting moments are captured just the way they happened. What's more, this camera also as a built in Laser Auto Focus that measures the distance to the object instantly so you get perfect quality photos. Never miss a single moment with a quick focus. The camera also consists of a dual LED flash that makes a huge difference in low light situations. Don’t let the dark conditions get you down. With this dual LED flash, your camera will produce bright and clear pictures no matter how less the light. The camera is even equipped with the which stands for Back Side Illuminated sensor (BSI). The front camera is great for clicking those fabulous selfies. Post them on Facebook or Twitter and watch as those 'likes' pour in.
Audio Gaga
With the 1 Watt Speaker combined with a Boost Amp, you can enjoy all your favourite games, music and movies like it was the first time. This speaker gives you a deep low and clear high pitched sound independently and without the need for any additional speakers.
Knock! Knock!
The LG G3 D855 is built in with a new Knock code. This innovation is fun and simple to use and very secure. You can wake and unlock your phone simultaneously by means of a customized knocking pattern of two to eight taps. This makes it hard to guess with more than 80,000 possible combinations! So nobody gets into your phone unless you want them to.
The LG G3 D855 is equipped with a powerful 3,000 mAh battery that lasts long. This phone even offers wireless charging.
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