HTC One M8 Dual SIM - 16GB, HTC UltraPixel camera, 4G LTE, Gunmetal Gray


$ 1,729.00
HTC One M8 Dual SIM - 16GB, HTC UltraPixel camera, 4G LTE, Gunmetal Gray

Looking at the technology the HTC One M8 comes with, it is safe to say that it represents the next generation of smartphones. The unique dual camera system of this phone captures images with exceptional crispness and depth. The 5inch Full HD display, coupled with the dual front facing speakers, provides you with an immersive entertainment experience. The camera also features the One Touch Refocus technology then sharpens your images after you click them. The powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad Core CPU takes care of all your processing and multitasking requests. This phone looks very stylish with its brushed metal finish and is very portable thanks to the weight of just 160g. You can conveniently control your smart TV from this smartphone.
Physical Features
Key Features
Processor: QualcommSnapdragon 801
5.0 inch Display
Dual Camera
Dual LED
2600 mAh
SD Card Slot
160 g
Dual SIM
Brushed Metal Finish
The curved unibody frame is finished in brushed metal and fits your hand perfectly.
Innovative Design
Thanks to the stacked internal components, this smartphone maintains a slim profile of just 9.35mm.
Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Display
The high resolution display of this phone can automatically adjust to the surrounding light to enable comfortable viewing in both indoor and outdoor environments. The intuitive user interface provides advanced features and perfectly complements the intelligent design of the HTC One.
Memory Expansion
The microSD card slot of this phone enables you to expand the storage capacity to up to 128GB.
When your subject appears blurred in a shot you have already taken, this innovative technology enables you to focus correctly in that image itself.
Panoramic Shots
With simple tilt controls and leveling line, the camera of this phone lets you capture outstanding 180degree x 360degree shots with the Pan 360 feature.
One Touch Photo Effects
The 12 interesting photo filters built into this phone enable you to add creative effects to your photos.
Add Seasons to Your Photos
This unique feature lets you add to your photos fun moving graphics that represent specific seasons.
UltraPixel Technology
The camera of this phone features UltraPixels that are twice as large as normal pixels. These pixels can capture up to 300percent more light than the normal ones, and enable you to take exceptionally clear shots at night.
HTC BoomSound
This feature significantly enhances the volume of the songs you play on the phone. You can reach volume levels of up to 95dB.
Front Facing Stereo Speakers
The unique front facing speakers of this phone project the sound in your direction and enables you to listen clearly to the music, videos, or games you play on the phone.
Built In Amplifier
The .80cc bottom and .85cc top speaker chamber of this HTC phone maximizes your audio experience. The membrane excursion direct control system optimally adjusts the volume and bass to add a thump to your music.
Bass to Treble Balancing Software
This software uses temperature sensing to lower the power output for protection against speaker damage. You’ll be able to enjoy high quality audio for longer.
The BLINKFEED adds everything you access online, from Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, to the score of your favourite teams or the breaking news, to your home screen, With just a swipe, you will be able to view everything conveniently from one location.
HTC Sense TV
Using the HTC Sense TV, you can do several things such as finding out which TV shows are on or checking out new shows. You can even see the statistics and figures of an ongoing game from the phone. You can control several functions of the TV using this smartphone.
HTC Sense
This software provides you with several innovative features for convenience of use. To activate your camera without pressing any buttons, you just have to swipe the screen and raise the phone to your eye level. When your phone is ringing, you can just flip it over to mute it. You can make and receive calls by speaking into the phone.